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1. The SalesLogix elevator pitch, positioning and marketing materials, and overall strategy were heavily influenced by Al Ries. It was an honor to work with and get to know one of the great minds in marketing and advertising.

2. Thanks to Mark Lewis for suggesting the analogy that an elevator pitch is like an accordion.

3. For much more detail on the difference between Experts and Ordinary People, see Geoffrey Moore’s excellent Crossing The Chasm and Everett M. Rogers’ seminal Diffusion of Innovations.

4. There are exceptions to this rule. Some people seem to revel in change. However, if you look at their lives in detail, in general they will tend to resist most changes. Yes, they may go to a different restaurant every weekend, but they resist change in other parts of their lives.

5. I explain the relationship between pain, change, and innovation in depth in my forthcoming book The Paradox of Pain.

6. You shouldn’t expect a professional venture capitalist to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This isn’t a problem because professional venture capitalists know that if they were to make public a certain piece of confidential information then their reputation would be ruined.

7. The name of this company has been disguised.

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