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Link To Elevator Pitch Essentials Home PageI have experience helping out a number of different types of clients.


Money is the lifeblood of any new business, and one key to raising money is having an effective elevator pitch. I work with entrepreneurs to help them write or refine their elevator pitches.


While many non-profits generate significant revenues, in most cases they still depend on donors to help them round out their budgets. An effective elevator pitch can help a non-profit quickly get its point across to wealthy donors.

Project Champions

Every large organization is constantly having to choose between different projects. An effective elevator pitch can make the difference in determining whether your project gets funded or not.


Lawyers face the prototypical scenario of an elevator pitch; having to present a large amount of legal and technical information to a jury that is composed of Ordinary People. By applying the principles that are large in Elevator Pitch Essentials, you can significantly improve the odds that the jury will understand your argument and find in your client's favor.

Please e-mail me or call me at 314.494.1324 if you need help with an elevator pitch, presentation, or other communication piece.

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